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Registration will be open on 1st December 2017


We are pleased to announce the confirmed Plenary and Keynote speakers of IPC2017.

Plenary Speaker
Mario Guslandi

Mario Guslandi, Division of Gastroenterology & Digestive 
Endoscopy, S.Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy

Title of presentation: "Probiotics for Diverticular Disease"


Keynote Speakers
Filip Kiekens IPC

Filip Kiekens, Professor, Faculty FBD / Department Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Antwerpen, The Netherlands

Title of presentation: "To be Defined"


Kathleen McCoy, Prof. Dr. phil., Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Research, University of Bern/Inselspital, Switzerland

Title of presentation: "The Role of Gut Microbiota in Immune Development and Homeostasis"


John Tagg, Professor Emeritus, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Title of presentation: "Streptococcal BLIS - Possible Roles Played in the Lives of their Microbial and Mammalian Hosts"


  Paul Cotter IPC

Paul Cotter, Principal Research Officer, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, Cork, Ireland

Title of presentation: "Probiotic Bacteriocins"



Marco Ventura, Associate Professor of General Microbiology, Laboratory of Probiogenomics, Department of Life Sciences, University of Parma, Italy

Title of presentation: "Molecular Dialogue Between Microbe-Host and Microbe-Microbe: The Case of Bifidobacteria"



Subject areas

Researchers and expert scientists from research institutes and industry will present their recent findings and visions about the research, development, production, application and use of probiotics – lactic-acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, yeasts, bacilli – and prebiotics within the following subject areas:

  • Models to Study Intestinal Interactions
  • Microbiome of the GIT
  • Modulation of the Intestinal
  • Biomarkers of Probiotic Efficacy
  • Mucosal Health and Integrity
  • Diarrhoe Prevention
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Stimulation of the Intestinal Immune System
  • Non-mucosal Interaction with the Immune System and Allergy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn’s Disease
  • Urogenital Applications
  • Zoo-technical Benefits
  • Mechanisms of Action
  • Bacteriocins
  • Targeted modulation of gut microbiota, its transplantation and probiotics
  • Probioceuticals​
  • Quorum Sensing, Quorum Quenching
  • Genetics, Functional Genomics, Metabolomics of Probiotics
  • Non-LAB Probiotics – bifidobacteria, yeasts, bacilli
  • Recombinant Probiotics
  • Taxonomy – current issues
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Quality Assurance and Stability
  • Prebiotics
  • Synbiotics
  • Clinical Trials and Health Claim Substantiation
  • Identification, Characterisation of Strains
  • Novel Strains and Approaches
  • Adverse Effects, Safety
  • Regulatory Issues and Barriers
  • Future of Probiotics and Prebiotics – Visions and Opportunities
  • Technology

NB! Separate session is planned for presenting papers on the research, development and use of probiotics and prebiotics in animals. 

The language of the conference is English.

The conference will be organised in a series of thematically ordered sessions. Contributions will be strictly evaluated by the Scientific Committee in order to ensure high level of scientific and/or practical quality and relevance. All contributions accepted will be assigned to a specific session. All contributions accepted and presented at the conference or the satellite symposia will be included in the official Conference Proceedings.