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Atte von Wright

Atte vo Wright IPC

University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, Professor emeritus
Biosafe Biological Safety Solution Ltd, Research Manager

MSc 1975 ( University of Helsinki), PhD 1981 (University of Sussex). Research experience both from industry and academy. Professor of Food Biotechnology (University of Eastern Finland) 1998 – 2016. Member of the Scientific Panels (FEEDAP, GMO) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) 2009 – 2012.

Research interests: 
Lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, bioactive natural compounds, food hygiene and toxicology

Current publications:

  • Carme   Plumed-Ferrer,   Kaisa   Uusikylä,   Jenni   Korhonen   and   Atte   von   Wright. Characterization of Lactococcus lactis isolates from bovine mastitis. Veterinary Microbiology, (2013), 167: 592-599.
  • Patrycja Bober, Jun Liu, Kirsi S. Mikkonen, Petri Ihalainen, Markus Pesonen, Carme Plumed-Ferrer, Atte von Wright, Tom Lindfors, Chunlin Xu and Rose-Marie Latonen. Biocomposites of nanofibrillated cellulose, polypyrrole and silver nanoparticles with electroconductiveand antimicrobial properties. Biomacromolecules (2014) 15: 3655 - 3663
  • Mari Juola, Kristiina Kinnunen, Kristian Fog Nielsen and Atte von Wright. Surfactins in ”natto”:
    The surfactin production capacity of the starter strains and the actual surfactincontent in the products. Journal of Food Protection (2014) 77: 2139 – 2143.
  • Carme  Plumed-Ferrer,  Simona  Gazzola,  Cecilia  Fontana,  Daniela  Bassi,  Pier-Sandro Cocconcelli and Atte von Wright. Genome sequence of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremorisMast36, a strain isolated from bovine mastitis. Genome Announcements (2015) 3:1-2.
  • Jouni Heikkinen, Marja Tiirola, Satu Mustonen, Dina Navia-Paldanius and  Atte von Wright (2016) Suppression of Saprolegnia infections in the hatching water of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eggs using protective bacteria bacteria and ultraviolet irradiation of the hatchery water Aquaculture Research 47: 925-939.
  • Jackie Obay, Atte von Wright, Jimmy Orjala, Jussi Kauhanen and Carina Tikkanen-Kaukonen(2016) Antimicrobial activity of Croton macrostachyus stem bark extracts against several human pathogenic bacteria. Journal of Pathogens  Article Number: 1453428
  • Esteban Vera-Pingitore, Maria Eugenia Jimenez, Andrea Dallagnol, Carolina Belfiore, Cecilia Fontana, Paola Fontana, Atte von Wright, Graciela Vignolo and Carme Plumed-Ferrer (2016). LWT-Food Science and Technology 71:288-294
  • Fanny EL Urquizo, Silvia MG Torres, Tiina Tolonen, Mari Jaakkola, Maria G Pena-Niebuhr,Atte  von Wright, Ritva Repo-Carcasco-Valencia, Hannu Korhonen and Carme Plumed-Ferrer (2017) Development of a fermented quinoa-based beverage. Food Science & Nutrition 71: 602 – 608.
  • Kati Väkeväinen, Anita Valderrama, Judith Espinosa, Dora Centurion, Jocelin Rizo, Dolores Reyes-Duarte, Glorai Díaz-Ruiz, Atte von Wright, Patricia Elizaquível, Karina Esquivel, Anna-Inkeri Simontaival, Roza Aznar, Carmen Wacher and Carme Plumed-Ferrer (2018) Characterization of lactic acid bacteria recovered from atole agrio, a traditional Mexican fermented beverage. LWT-Food Science and Technology 88: 109-118.
  • Elias Haapakorva, Thomas Holmbom and Atte von WrightNovel aqueous oil-in-water emulsions containing extracts of natural coniferous resins are strongly antimicrobial against enterobacteria, staphylococci and yeasts, as well as on bacterial biofilms. Journal of Applied Microbiology. In Press