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Gwénaël Jan

Director of Research, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Short Bibliografy:

Gwénaël Jan has obtained Post-doctoral Fellowship, molecular and cell biology, Institute for Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, U.K. Since 1997 is working as a Senior Scientist, INRA UMR STLO.
In 2011 Gwénaël Jan become a leader of a national research programme, National Agency for Research (ANR): Starter Surface against inflammation of the gut (SURFING).
He has published 56 articles, 2 international patents, 4 book chapters, H index: 23.


Current Research: Assessment of dairy propionibacteria probiotic potential

  1. Adaptation to digestive stresses. Propionibacteria ability to adapt, survive and keep an active metabolism within the digestive tract is investigated in vitro and in vivo using an integrated approach (physiology, transcriptomics, proteomics)
  2. Beneficial impact on the gut mucosa. The impact of propionibacteria is studied with a particular interest in colon cancer cells (modulation of proliferation/apoptosis balance) and in immune system (immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory properties).

Selected Publications:

  1. Le Marechal, C., V. Peton, C. Ple, C. Vroland, J. Jardin, V. Briard-Bion, G. Durant, V. Chuat, V. Loux, B. Foligne, S. M. Deutsch, H. Falentin, And G. Jan. 2015. Surface Proteins of Propionibacterium Freudenreichii are Involved in its Anti-inflammatory Properties. J. Proteomics. 113C:447-461.
  2. De Sa Peixoto, P., C. Roiland, D. Thomas, V. Briard-Bion, R. Le Guellec, S. Parayre, S. M. Deutsch, G. Jan, And F. Guyomarc'h. 2014. Recrystallized S-Layer Protein of a Probiotic Propionibacterium: Structural and Nanomechanical Changes upon Temperature or Ph Shifts Probed by Solid-state NMR And AFM. Langmuir
  3. Peton, V., D. S. Bouchard, S. Almeida, L. Rault, H. Falentin, J. Jardin, G. Jan, D. Hernandez, P. Francois, J. Schrenzel, V. Azevedo, A. Miyoshi, N. Berkova, S. Even, And L. Y. Le. 2014. Fine-Tuned Characterization of Staphylococcus Aureus Newbould 305, a Strain Associated with Mild and Chronic Mastitis in Bovines. Vet. Res. 45:106.
  4. Saraoui, T., S. Parayre, G. Guernec, V. Loux, J. Montfort, C. A. Le, G. Boudry, G. Jan, And H. Falentin. 2013. A Unique in Vivo Experimental Approach Reveals Metabolic Adaptation of the Probiotic Propionibacterium Freudenreichii to the Colon Environment. BMC. Genomics 14:911.
  5. Foligne, B., J. Breton, D. Mater, And G. Jan. 2013. Tracking The Microbiome Functionality: Focus on Propionibacterium Species. Gut Doi:10.1136/Gutjnl-2012-304393:
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