Pauliina Halimaa


Presentation for the main conference

Title: What should researchers know about the role of whole genome sequencing when seeking authorisation for probiotics.

Affiliation: Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Ltd

Short Biography

Expertise in the regulatory requirements and safety assessment of microbial products in the EU. Has extensive knowledge of EU legislation and guidelines on feed additives, food enzymes, probiotics and biopesticides. Practical know-how on whole genome sequencing and safety assessment of bacteria and yeasts based on the genome. 

After gaining PhD on plant genomics and transcriptomics at the University of Eastern Finland she moved to Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Ltd in 2016 to develop a bioinformatics pipeline for the safety assessment of microbes used in the food chain. Biosafe Ltd now offers detailed bioinformatic study reports and consultation for customers who develop novel strains or wish to place their products on the EU market. Currently responsible for the overall operations and resources of Biosafe Ltd as the CEO.