Harinder P.S. Makkar

Harinder Makkar IPC

Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Short Biography: 
Brief profile: Harinder P.S. Makkar is working as Animal Production Officer at FAO, Rome since 2010. Before joining FAO he was Mercator Professor at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. He has published over 250 research papers. He obtained PhD from University of Nottingham, U.K. and Dr. Habilitation from University of Hohenheim. He has also worked at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna for 7 years. He has been awarded Honorary Professorships by Universities in China and Mongolia; and has been a fellow of Commonwealth Association, UK; Humboldt Foundation, Germany; and Japanese Society for the promotion of Science, Japan.

Selected recent publications:

  1. Probiotics in animal nutrition – Production, impact and regulation by Yadav S. Bajagai, Athol V. Klieve, Peter J. Dart and Wayne L. Bryden. Editor Harinder P.S. Makkar. FAO Animal Production and Health Paper No. 179. Rome.
  2. M. Wadhwa, M.P.S. Bakshi and Harinder P.S. Makkar. 2016. Modifying gut microbiomes in large ruminants: Opportunities in non-intensive husbandry systems.  doi:10.2527/af.2016-0020. Animal Frontiers 2016 6:27-36
  3. Ruane, John, J.D. Dargie, C. Mba, P. Boettcher, H.P.S. Makkar, D.M. Bartley, Sonnino, editors. Biotechnologies at Work for Smallholders: Case Studies from Developing Countries in Crops, Livestock and Fish, FAO, Rome, Italy. http://www.fao.org/docrep/018/i3403e/i3403e.pdf
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