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Amazake and Miso


Date: Monday 17th June, starting time 18:00, Place: Prague Congress Centre

This year again the renown fermentation evangelist Mr. Hiraku Ogura will hold a workshop at IPC2019 on the use and preparation of traditional Japanese fermented food - for everyday fermentation for healthy life.

Ogura san is fermentation designer and evangelist with a mission to educate the world about a more than 2000 years old Japanese fermentation tradition. Ogura san spends much of his time exploring and researching all things about fermentation. At the workshop in Budapest he shares every year his knowledge on the most popular Japanese foods made from fermented rice, soy and other stuff and their preparation in everyday life.
Topics of the workshop are as follows:

・Relationship between microbes and origin of Japanese history
・Movement of Fermentation culture in Japan
・Impact to new market  as fashionable product

The workshop will be a guidance for understanding a new culture with traditional microbiology in Japan and Hiraku will present his new book "Fermental Cultural Anthropology" as well. The workshop aims to describe about design strategy and cultural aspect of Hiraku's work to give participants a firsthand experience that uses the five senses. You will experience tasting time of Japanese sake and seasoning.

“The preparation of japanese fermented foods is a great open-source technology that has been handed down for more than 2,000 years,” according to Ogura san, adding: “I hope to pass on this method to as many people as possible"

NB! Workshop will be organised only for IPC2019 participants, free admittance, limited places, first to mill applied.