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We would like to thank to DUPONT and ICFMH for the Awards of IPC2019.



The Young Scientist Award and the Best Poster Award of IPC2019 recognize achievements of outstanding young scientists, who are at the beginning of their career and who conduct basic or applied research on probiotics or prebiotics.

DuPont, the Golden Sponsor of the conference IPC2019, presented the “Young Scientist Award”. 
The winner of 1000 € award was chosen by the Scientific Committee of IPC2019 and awards were presented during the third day of the conference by President of the IPC2019 – Prof. Sin-Hyeog Im, Chair of the Scientific Committee and Prof. Alojz Bomba, Chair of the Organising Committee.


YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD and 1000 € was presented to:

Lucy Mailing from the University of Illinois, USA for her presentation:
Effects of Transplanted Exercised vs. Sedentary Gut Microbiota on Gene Expression in Gnotobiotic Mice

Lucy Mailing IPC2019

2nd prize and full conference fee for IPC2020 was presented to Yuki Sasaki from the Kagoshima University, Japan for her presentation:
Discovery and Characterization of a Key Enzyme for the Assimilation of Gum Arabic in Bifidobacterium Longum Subsp. Longum JCM 7052

Yuki Sasaki IPC2019

3rd prize and half conference fee for IPC2020 was presented to Alexia Lapiere from IRSN, SERAMED/LRMed, France for her presentation:
Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii Treatment Reduces Radiation-induced Colorectal Injury: Application to the Management of Pelvic Radiotherapy Complications

Alexia Lapiere IPC2019


The “Best Poster Award of IPC2019” was sponsored by ICFMH – The International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene of the International Union of Microbiological Societies.
The best poster was elected by the Scientific Committee of IPC2019 and the award was presented during the third day of the conference by President of ICFMH – Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Holzapfel, President of the IPC2019 – Prof. Sin-Hyeog Im, Chair of the Scientific Committee and Prof. Alojz Bomba, Chair of the Organising Committee


BEST POSTER AWARD and 250€ was presented to: Kwangbo Jung from Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Republic of Korea for his poster:
The Metabolites Produced by Gut Microbiome Induced the In Vitro Maturation and Functional Enhancement of Human Intestinal Organoids

Kwangbo Jung IPC2019

2nd place and 150€ was presented to: Yayun Cheng from Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea for poster:
Phenyllactic Acid Biosynthesis from Phenylpyruvate by Using Whole Cells of Sporolactobacillus sp. and Characterization of its D-Lactate Dehydrogenase

Yayun Cheng IPC2019

3rd place and 100€ was presented to: Bernardo Cuffaro from Institut Pasteur de Lille, France for his poster:
Targeting the Gut Microbiota for the Development of a New Generation of Probiotics in Chronic Diseases

Bernardo Cuffaro IPC2019