Jean-Paul Lallès

Director of Research French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France, Rennes, France

Short Biography:

Dr. Jean-Paul Lallès is Biochemist (Rennes, France; 1981), Agriculture Engineer (Rennes, 1984), Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition (Rennes, 1988), Immunologist (Pasteur Institute Paris, 1992) and habilitated for Research Supervision (Rennes, 1996). He was recruited in 1984 at INRA France as a Research Assistant and is Director of research at INRA (since 2001). He was appointed Deputy-Head of the “Nutrition & Digestive, Nervous and Dietary Behaviour” Department of INRA (2012-2013) and is now Deputy-Head of the Human Nutrition Research Centre for the West of France (since 2014).

Dr. Lallès first investigated the development protein digestion and transit time in dairy calves throughout weaning during his Ph.D. Then, he developed a research program on the biochemistry of protein digestion and mechanisms of gut allergy reactions to plant proteins in veal calves. In early 2000, he moved to the Pig Research Department of INRA for developing investigating post-weaning gut physiology disorders. This led him to coordinate one multidisciplinary EU project (1999-2004), and then to actively participate in two other ones on related project (2004-2008; 2009-2013). In 2005, he moved to the Human Nutrition Division of INRA for investigating (a) short- and long-term effects of perinatal nutrition on gut function, and later one (b) Influence of unbalanced diets on the gut-brain axis and dietary behavior, in swine models (production pigs and mini-pigs) for humans.

Dr. Lallès had three long stays (UK-Reading 1986, UK-Cambridge 1997 and USA-Chicago 2009-2010) and approx. 100 short missions abroad during his carrier. He is First Editor of the British Journal of Nutrition and Journal of Nutritional Science (since 2010) and acts as a Reviewer for approx. 15 different journals in nutrition and physiology.

Dr. Lallès published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, more than 150 communications to international scientific meetings and over 40 book chapters.


Selected publications:

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