Interactive Workshop at IPC2015 - Master class in Mucosal Immunology

We are pleased to inform you that the Master class in Mucosal Immunology will be held

Date: 22rd June 2015
Place: Marriott Hotel, Budapest

The program of the Master class in Mucosal Immunology will focus on current advances in understanding the interaction between gut microbiota, probiotics and the host immune system. Pathways to evidencing beneficial effects of probiotics and the substantiation of related health claims will be discussed by leading experts of the field. The breaking points of the workshop are:

  • barrier functionality
  • characterisation of mucosal APCs and their functions, with an emphasis on cytokines which leads to a comprehensive introduction
  • tolerance and mucosal tolerance mechanisms which leads the students to appreciate
  • T cell phenotypes and functionality – shall I tolerate or respond?  This finally leads to appreciation for breaking of tolerance
  • basic immune pathology associated with the GIT

This basic introduction to “Mucosal Immunology” leads into a second session which focuses on “probiotic modulation of mucosal responses”, being linked to the materials introduced in the mucosal immunology section


Keynote speakers:
Sin-Hyeog Im, Institute for Basic Science, Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology, POSTECH, South Korea
Andrew Foey, Lecturer in Immunology, School of Biomedical & Heallthcare Sciences,University of Plymouth, United Kingdom


Scientists and researchers from industry and academia are invited to participate and submit related in-depth papers for oral presentation.

NB! For the convenience of those arriving 22rd June morning, the Symposium will start 13:00.

In case you are already registered for IPC2015 and would like to register also for the symposium, please contact us at

To register for the Workshop click HERE.

We are looking forward to meeting you at IPC2015 in Budapest.