Prof. Philippe THONART

Professor at Gembloux AgroBiotech and Université de Liège, Belgium

Short Biography:

Gembloux AgroBiotech : courses for Bachelor in bioengineering, Master in Chemistry and Bio-industries, Master in Agriculture and Bio-industries, Advanced Master in Environmental Management in developing countries and Advanced Master in Biotechnology and Applied Biology.

University of Liege : courses for Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology and Advanced Master in Biotechnology and Applied Biology.

Director of the CWBI (Centre Wallon de Biologie Industrielle – Walloon Centre for Industrial Biology), which stands jointly at University of Liège, Belgium, and at Gembloux AgroBiotech, Belgium. The centre’s facilities and its staff’s know-how combine to study, develop and industrialise all the steps involved in producing  and using microorganisms, plant cells, and their subcellular fractions, namely, culturing, fermentation, purification, filtration, centrifugation, drying, lyophilisation, analysis, computer regulation and process control software, spray drying, encapsulation, etc.

Theoretical investigations and fundamental and applied research are carried out constantly, often in conjunction with international partners.

Supervisor of 293 national and international research programs and published 857 publications.


Selected publications:

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Selected patents:


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