IPC2016 Participants Data Demographics

International probiotics and prebiotics conference particiopants map

More than 450 scientist and professionals of probiotics and prebiotics

  • Europe 47%
  • Russia and Asia 25%
  • North-America 11%
  • South-America 7%
  • Japan 6%
  • Australia and New Zealand 3%
  • Africa 1%

Participant data by affiliation

  • 35% research scientists from industry (dairy science, dietary supplement distributors, food microbiology, food safety, fermentation technology, gastro-enterology, immunology, genetics)

  • 30% scientists from academia (dairy science, microbiology, gastro-enterology, pediatric nutrition, genomics, immunology)

  • 20% dairy product marketing and technical support

  • 5%   regulatory agencies (USDA, FDA, EFSA and nationals)

  • 10% sponsored  participants as part of incentive programmes (opinion leaders, dietary supplement distributors other influencers)

  • 70 % of attendees are PhD, 17% are university professors, department heads; students 12%.

Attendees with academic degree have an annual purchase budget for materials and services

  • 36% between 50-100,000 EUR

  • 31% between 100-200,000 EUR

  • 13% over 200,000 EUR

The conference is of sole scientific character. Sponsors visibility is provided through visual signage, conference bag inserts, roll-up displays and speaker presentations of scientific matters, media partners such as scientific magazines, daily press, TV, social networks. Previous sponsors: Chr. Hansen, Danisco, Nestle Research, Danone Research, DuPont, DSM, Ganeden, LeSaffre, Lallemand, Morinaga, Natren, Probiotical, Valio, Yakult, etc.