Prebiotic Sessions

IPC2016 in Budapest will be the scientific forum where academic and industrial scientists involved in research of all aspects of probiotics and prebiotics meet. The key themes of the prebiotic session will be evidence-based benefits, health claim substantiation and new product development.

Session Speakers

Bob Rastall - chair, Professor of Food Biotechnology in the Department of Food Biosciences, The University of Reading, UK

Title of presentation: "Prebiotic Manipulation of the Human Gut Microbiome for Health"


Manuela Sailer,  BENEO-Institute, Manager Nutrition Science, BENEO GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

Title of presentation:  "Snapshots on Recent Prebiotic Fiber Research"


Emanuela SimonettiResearch Director, Kamut Enterprises of Europe, Italy

Title of presentation: "Prebiotic Potential of KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat: from in vitro Studies to Human Clinical Trials"

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Johan Garssen

Johan Garssen, Danone/Nutricia Research, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Title of presentation: "
Regulatory T-Cell Depletion Abolishes the Protective Effect of Dietary Galacto-Oligosaccharides on Eosinophilic Airway Inflammation in House Dust Mite-Induced Asthma"


Wim Soetaert, Inbiose - Speciality Carbohydrates, Belgium

Title of presentation: "Efficient Synthesis of Specialty Carbohydrates and Human Milk Oligosaccharides Through Industrial Biotechnology"



Christiane LaueClinical Research Centre Kiel, Germany

Title of presentation: "Immunomodulatory Effects of Non-digestible Polysaccharides – a Double-blind, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial"


Further themes of the scientific programme:

  • Colonic Microbiology and Microbiome
  • Modulating the Intestinal Microbiota
  • Fructo-Oligosaccharides and Inulin-type Fructans
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Functional Oligo- and Disaccharides
  • Resistant Starches and Novel Compounds
  • Molecular Design and Prediction of Functionality
  • Health Effects and Applications
  • Prebiotics in Acute or Chronic Diseases
  • Infant Nutrition and Paediatric Diarrhoeal Disorders
  • Extra Intestinal Effects
  • Synbiotics
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Immune Functions and Mechanism
  • Influencing Metabolism of Other Substances
  • Clinical Trials – Design and Evaluation
  • Manufacturing and Synthesis
  • Regulatory Issues and Safety
  • Miscellanous benefits
  • Future – Visions and Opportunities
  • Technology


NB! Separate section is planned for presenting papers on the research, development and use of probiotics and prebiotics in animals.