Ministry of Health monitors the current situation

Ministry of Health monitors the current situation

The Ministry of Health uses the Early Warning and Response System. It is a closed system, thanks to which MoH can continuously communicate with other countries on a daily basis. Furthermore, the MoH participates in regular teleconferences of the EU Health Security Committee (HSC), where information is shared. In particular, information on the epidemiological developments and teleconferences are provided by expert and relevant statements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Measures and regulations implemented

The authorities have ordered to all airports in the Czech Republic to inform passengers what to do when they feel ill, showing symptoms of Coronavirus. There is a screening process in place in Prague and there are special gates dedicated to all flights from Soul and anywhere from ItalyThere are special gates and buses dedicated to all passengers from Italyand the whole area undergoes a disinfection procedure many times a day.
The overall disinfection frequency in the whole airport has been increased as well.

From Sunday February 9th, 2020, until cancellation, all direct flights to and from China to the international airports in the Czech Republic will be forbidden. No other restrictions apart from screening procedures are in place.

If there are any symptoms that may lead to Coronavirus the traveller will be taken care of by the doctor at the airport. If the doctor decided a more thorough medical check is needed the traveller may be sent to a hospital Na Bulovce, where further steps will be taken. These were the cases so far. If it is necessary, the hospital may put anyone into quarantine – for obvious reasons.

Local authorities have not issued any statements on preventing events, meetings or congresses to take place. They only warn people from travelling to affected areas, as the Czech Republic has had no confirmed case of Coronavirus yet.

Increasing the number of disinfectant stands at Václav Havel Airport.

Information on current disease testing in the Czech Republic (data) on the website of the Ministry of Health (updated daily): http://www.mzcr.cz/dokumenty/koronavirus-2019-ncov-aktualni-data_18455_4122_1.html

Up to date, there is no single person infected by the corona virus in the Czech Republic.

For any information about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) please refer to the WHO technical guidance: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

Measurements at the Congress

The Prague Congress Centre will equip all bathrooms, cloakrooms, info desks and entrance areas with disinfection gels. They will increase the frequency of cleaning of the congress spaces.
Their air condition system is based on a 100% air exchange when the old air is being let out and a new air is being drawn in on another side of the building. This may also avoid spreading the disease through ventilation.

in Prague

The Online Abstract Submission open on Friday, 15 November.

BAMP2020 Scientific Symposium

Monday, June 22, 13.00, Prague Congress Centre, Terrace 2A.
Symposium serves as scientific forum where academic and industrial scientists involved in the respective research area meet. Further to its scientific content the symposium is a networking event. Abstracts of oral presentations and posters will be published in the official proceedings of the IPC2020.

Regulatory Workshop

Monday, June 22, 2020, 13.00, Prague Congress Centre, Terrace 2B
The workshop will cover the regulatory aspects of probiotics in humans and animals in the EU. Topics to be covered include:

  • Novel probiotic strains in the EU food chain - basic data requirements - biostimulants, feed additives, food ingredients & food supplements, FSMPs & biocides
  • Possible synergies - with botanicals, prebiotics, enzymes, & other components
  • Challenges for efficacy & claims
  • Nutrition and health claims
  • Feed additives
  • Biostimulants & Biocides

Animal Health

Wednesday, June 24, 08.30, Prague Congress Centre, Terrace 2A
IPC2020 is the scientific forum where academic and industrial scientists involved in research of all aspects of probiotics and prebiotics meet.